BPMREMIX is an international platform for remix competitions created by BPM College, Israel’s leading educational institute for the music industry. The competition is designated to provide a stage for upcoming electronic producers and help them find their path in the global industry.

During each competition, a unique set of channels is produced by the participating artist and published online. It is then downloaded by the contestants and used to create their own special remixed versions of the original track. The winners are carefully selected by the artist and a jury on behalf of BPM College. The competition is open to music producers from the age of 13, and our judges evaluate based on the following criteria: originality, proper use of motifs from the original track , an interesting structure and high quality sound and production.

We have hosted many successful artists in past competitions, including Infected Mushroom, Loud, Captain Hook, Juno Reactor, Astrix, and Ace Ventura. Thousands of upcoming producers from around the world participate each year.